MakerSpace USNA Videos

Helping you learn how to 3D print...

The videos on this site are intended to help users of all skill levels become familiar with MakerSpace USNA and be able to create quality 3D printed parts.  Some of the videos are very specific to practices and equipment at USNA while other videos can be helpful to any 3D printing student.

Videos on this website are broken down into the following major categories:  

(1) Overview videos that review overall concepts of the MakerSpace at USNA

(2)  How-To videos of software in the MakerSpace

(3)  How-To videos of printers in the MakerSpace

(4)  How-To videos of post processing 3D printed parts in the MakerSpace

(5)  Example Build videos taken from various printers

(6)  Projects videos made by students or student teams

Overview of key features in the MakerSpace including what to do to start printing on your own

Step by step videos on how to use software applications in the MakerSpace

Videos showing how to use each and every printer in the MakerSpace

Videos showing how to do many post processing tasks on 3D printed parts

Videos from different printers showing the 3D printing process.

Student videos of projects done in the MakerSpace

All videos linked on this website were created in the MakerSpace by students, staff, or faculty.


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We have moved much of our digital content to our YouTube Channel.

Stay tuned for more changes soon!