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Photopolymer resins cured by a UV light source

SLA resins are simply photopolymer resins that are cured by a UV light source.  Exactly what is in the resin, how the resin is cured, and the final material properties of the printed part are more complex.


As of June 2019 MakerSpace USNA has every type of resin in Formlabs inventory including all Standard resins, all Engineering resins, and Ceramic resins with the exception of Dental resins (sorry you have to go the orthodontist to get your retainers made 😊).


We will discuss aspects of each resin in the forum but in general Grey Pro and clear resin are the most commonly used resins.  As of June 2019, MakerSpace USNA has not experimented with ceramic resins but we have plans for that as well.

Additionally MakerSpace USNA has already tested and is currently working custom resins made by adding dopant materials to standard Formlabs resins.  More to follow soon....

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