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If this image is making you ill, you need to put on 3D glasses...

High resolution SEM 3D imagery of Ti64 powder.  Images taken on a TESCAN MIRA3 SEM at USNA


The SLS AM consumable...

As of June 2019, MakerSpace USNA does not have any active powder based 3D printers.  This will change by late 2019 as we integrate the Formlabs Fuse1 nylon based 3D printer.

Additionally although not directly associated with the MakerSpace, USNA does have a Concept Laser M100R ( 3D metal printer which is currently capable of printing stainless steel parts.

Other_SS Powder.png

High resolution backscatter electron image of nickel superlalloy powder prior to SLS.

Be careful not all powders are created equal!

Particle size and purity have large effects on the quality of 3D printed parts.

Sample SS316 printed parts printed at USNA using a Concept Laser M100R metal printer:

Parts_Metal Prints-4.jpg
Parts_Metal Prints-2.jpg
Parts_Metal Prints-3.jpg
Parts_Metal Prints-1.jpg
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