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Weekly update 26 Jan 2020

Ok, so maybe this will turn into a weekly thing as long as we are continuing to learn. Quick bullets:

Biggest issues:

- Retrieve your part as quickly as you can and reset the printer for the next print job. Each printer is slightly different but basically a simple button on the printer itself.

- Make sure your job matches all of the following that you need: material, printer, and extruder (print core) and there might be more than 1 extruder.


- The MakerBots seems to be behaving quite well. Z18s still have transfer issues sometime and I have had to cancel some jobs. Methods do not always sense amount of material correctly but this is easily overrideable. Replicators seem to be having no major issues.


- Getting jobs into and out of the queue is working but requires close observation. 1 poorly submitted job can and has clogged the entire queue. Usually this is because a user has selected the wrong material and/or print core.

- It is possible that this problem is due to the arrangement of the host Armstrong. Ride is still a BETA test basically so there might be real issues that we are still working through.

- So what does this mean? Follow your job into and out of the queue and look to see if something is "clogging" the queue.


- 1 of the Form3s (I forget which as I am writing this) is having problems sensing the cartridge. We have submitted a ticket on this and unfortunately there is nothing we can do right now.

- All other SLA printers are ready. When printing for just an assignment, use whatever resin is currently in the printer rather than changing resin out.


- LulzBot use should start this week - good luck! Here are the ways to get your GCODE to the printer: (1) through Octoprint through the network, (2) via a USB stick,or (3) using an SD card. My class knows/will know how to do these. Please put all items back once you use them.

Network issues

- There is not doubt that our private network setup has some issues but I still believe it is the best method right now. Few people will really care but here are weird things that happen: (1) the Ultimaker web page does not always load correctly, (2) the Ultimaker web cameras often do not work, (3) time stamps everywhere are very wrong (back to 1970s), and (4) these IT issues are the reason for the MakerBot transfer times.

- The solution to these almost all of the time is to use the 2 local PCs in the MakerSpace. They rarely have problems and if you know what the problems can be you can work around them usually from your laptop.

Comments always welcome!

R/CAPT Baker

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