Week 7 update - major breakthroughs!

Exciting week in the MakerSpace which caused me to miss my Friday deadline for an update. I will save the best news for last so here goes...

Important updates

- Nothing critical to put out but please realize that SLA printing demand will increase significantly over the next 1-2 weeks for my AM class so please follow the priority list for printing: #1-AM class, #2-Capstone or student projects, #3 - Other faculty-staff projects, and #4 - "hobby" printing.

- The most common error I still see is failing to use supports or using supports incorrectly. If you have questions, ask.

Printer updates

- All printers are working well. Ultimakers are loaded with a wide variety of filaments and PVA supports. SLA printers will be loaded with clear, grey pro, and white resins, but some higher end resins will be made available. Please be very mindful of what resin you use.

IT updates

- I have installed a new slicing program called Simplify3D on Pinky and the Brain. This software may not work for all users by default. This software is new to us and is really only needed for very experienced users but they may find it very helpful. If you need access, contact me directly and I will give you login information. If you do not know what a slicer is, then 2 things: don't worry about it and enroll in my AM class :)

- I also added a new CAD program to everyone's desktop called Sculptris. Try this out... it is super interesting and pretty straightforward.

- I have added a sample builds folder to everyone's desktop. Often people need a sample part just to manipulate.

- I know mapping the Z: drive is still problematic. It is a long story... I am working on it (thank ITSD when you get a chance).

- I will be making more changes to Pinky and the Brain that I think users will like, but as I make these changes it is imperative that no one get creative and try to remove components - trust me, I will know and I will find you. Many components in the MakerSpace (especially the really nice ones) are paid from what I call the "BCF". You can ask me and I will tell you what that is.

Major updates...

- We continue to make good progress with the new 3D scanner. This scanner is not super simple, but it works very well for certain models. Everyone still needs my or Marc's permission prior to using the scanner (and it is locked up). Check out my quick video of what the FSAE team was able to do here.

- The new Desktop Metal printer is operational, hurray! But not really ready for student use yet, booh :( We need to get the post processing systems operational before we can really complete a real part, but for now check out our first build here and a short overview video here.

Keep up the good work and keep pushing the limits of the MakerSpace!

Happy Printing!

R/CAPT Baker

Go Navy! Beat Air Force!

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