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Week 6 update

First off, I hope everyone survived the first marking period and I hope everyone is starting to get comfortable using the MakerSpace. This week's update will be focused mainly on SLA printing and some quick updates. Here goes...

Important updates

- The most important updates is my AM class will start working on SLA printing soon. SLA printing generally takes more time so I need users to not use SLA printers unless you are doing so for my AM class, Capstone or individual research projects, or directly for faculty/staff research (in that order).

Printer updates

- MakerBots are still going strong. No issues.

- Ultimakers are now loaded with PVA for supports and are also printing very well. The Ultimakers are now loaded with a very large variety of filaments so you should find every Ultimaker materials available in some printer. PVA can be more problematic when printing (breaking, jamming, etc.) so please check on your parts and also clean out the build area after a print. There is a hand vacuum at the end of the MakerBots for this purpose.

- SLA printers. I made a specific Form3 advanced video and all proficient SLA users should watch this video. We continue to learn a lot about these very capable printers. Do not let their simplicity fool you - there are some very complex issues with SLA printing. Make sure you are using an appropriate resin. If you are printing just for the AM class or just for a simple project, you should use a simple resin such as white, grey, grey pro, black, or clear. Do not use a "high end" (i.e. expensive) resin such as BioMed Clear for a simple project.

IT updates

- The biggest IT update has to do with the Desktop Metal system which I will discuss at the end.

- Bottom line, I believe the massive IT upgrades we made over the summer are proving worthwhile. I do not know of any significant IT issues, so if you find some, please let me know.

Policy updates

- Tools, tools, and tools.... Please put tools back in exactly in the spot you found them. The printing "tool bins" are intentionally stocked with tools needed for that area. I will admit I get extremely frustrated when I am clearing build plates and go to the tool bin and cannot find the tool I need. Please help keep things organized.

Coming soon...

- We made a huge step in the right direction on the Desktop Metal Studio system this week so I went ahead and made a teaser video of this capability. I hope to be printing a green part in the next week or so and hopefully a full useful part by the end of the semester. The current limiting component is the furnace for sintering.

If you have not looked at our twitter page yet, you should give it a look. Many recent prints have made it to our posts (both good and bad...)

Happy Printing!

R/CAPT Baker

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