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Warning shot... projects are ramping up in the MakerSpace!

Congrats to everyone for surviving 12 week exams (hopefully)! We are up to over 60 registered users in the MakerSpace and this is not counting classes that are doing entire class projects in MakerSpace. There are also several Capstone and Individual Research projects producing good parts and results in the MakerSpace. Keep it going!

This post is intended to be a quick reminder that the MakerSpace is about to become busier this semester and next semester will likely be the busiest we have ever seen. EN430, EM313, and ER313 sections are all doing projects that involve FDM printing. Please consider using the forum ( ) if you have questions and watch our instructional videos ( ) to get your project started. We have a comprehensive video that shows how to make and print your own part from scratch ( ).

Here is a quick update on printers in the MakerSpace:

- MakerBot: all are functional (Cutter may have a problem we are working through). MakerBot Print seems to be working fine, but we have battled through many problems in the past so please review our MakerBot FAQ ( ).

- Ultimaker: both working great. Remember most beginner projects should start on MakerBot printers, but when you are ready, you can upgrade to Ultimaker.

- LulzBot: all are fully functional including 2 new LulzBot Pros. If you want to get ahead, there is where students should start experimenting. The LulzBots are complex to use, but can produce great parts with the widest array of materials.

- Formlabs: all are fully functional. Please be VERY careful with resin trays. The resin tray contacts are very sensitive. The new Form3s can be used but consult me or Marc before using them just so we can review some tips.

We still have a few pending printer upgrades (Form3L - large format SLA and Fuse1 - SLS nylon) but those are probably the only major upgrades for a while.

Happy Printing!

R/CAPT Baker

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