Update after long weekend...

I have to admit the MakerSpace was in better shape than I thought following the long Veteran's Day weekend - or maybe EM/ER313 have not really started their projects yet.... Anyway, here are some quick updates on the MakerSpace:

- 1 MakerBot printer (Fluckey) is OOC (out of commission). This is likely permanent. Nobody's fault, just normal wear and tear (I hope).

The 2 biggest issues right now are: (1) parts not sticking to the build plate (surprise, surprise, nothing new here at all) and (2) jobs building up because users do not retrieve their parts in a timely fashion. So please help me with the following:

- Build plate adhesion. I could write about this forever and this one of the main points of the beginner 3D printing exercises. In REALLY quick terms the following will help build plate adhesion and thus hopefully prevent part curling: (1) using glue, (2) using a heated bed (not an option for the MakerBot printers), (3) smaller parts and parts nearer the center, (4) larger rafts (you can change this and it will help), and (5) changing the cooling on the raft layer/1st layer (this really helps but is complicated).

- Please retrieve your parts reasonably quickly after your job is done. This applies to ALL printers including SLA and FDM. Other users can also help by removing parts and putting them on the table for collection but please do not mess with things that you do not understand.

Please also continue to help keep the MakerSpace clean and keep tools/parts/cleaning supplies in their normal place. Final point, if you are in EM/ER313, you only have a little over 1 week to finish your project! Get to printing!

R/CAPT Baker

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