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Spring AY23 Update

It has been another busy semester so I want to quickly provide some updates. Please review and let me know if you have any questions:

- First, MakerSpaceUSNA tries to support you so please try to support us by giving a quick shoutout on your posters, papers, or other projects. We are not asking for citations but rather just acknowledgement of how we helped you with your project. Right on the desktop of every MakerSpace PC is a link to a folder with our logo images that you can add anywhere you want. This does make a difference. Thanks!

- Historically printing demand increases dramatically in March and April so please be mindful of other users and if you have not completed your qualification yet, we are probably going to ask you to wait until next year and we will just help you with printing this year.

- The Ultimaker printers are printing well but dual extrusion has been problematic on some printers. If you do not need the 2nd extruder (i.e. no supports) your best bet is to simply disable the 2nd extruder in Cura. This will prevent the printer from doing the extruder level comparison that is frequently occuring for some users.

- Please pay attention to what filament is loaded and what filament you need. If you do not really care (most projects it does not really matter), then simply print with PLA which is what is usually loaded. Not all filaments print as well as others to please pay attention and only use filaments that you understand.

- Resin use will likely increase over the next several weeks. If you do not care what type of resin, then use grey or clear resin. If you need an engineering resin, use Tough2k. If you need a flexible material, use Flexible80A. If you need something different, you have to ask first.

- 3Dscanning requests will also likely increase and if you are not already familiar with our 3Dscanning and are not in in the AM class, then it is getting very late to start to learn. If you need help, now is the time to ask.

As always good luck and ask if you need help. Please be mindful and considerate of other users. I expect it will only get busier.

R/CAPT Baker

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