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Quick update and Holiday Plans...

Sorry for the infrequent posts this semester, but it has been a busy and productive time in the MakerSpace. I do want to quickly highlight some key tips:

- Please always ensure that a printer is loaded with the appropriate and adequate consumables PRIOR to starting a job. Every printer has some sort of "pause" functionality, but this will almost always lead to some sort of print failure.

- Please also retrieve your parts in a reasonably expeditious manner. We do not normally remove other users prints, but we will in order to keep the MakerSpace running.

- Please make sure you understand what consumables you are using and why. Using a "higher grade" resin or filament when they are not needed is a not a good use of resources.

Final points, the MakerSpace will shutdown Tue 11/22 for the Thanksgiving break and the end of the semester is not far away either. I have not set an exact end date for the Fall but nominally the start of final exams marks the end of jobs for the semester. We always have a full plate of maintenance to do during the breaks so please assist us with getting the MakerSpace ready for the Spring.

Don't forget to check out our social media for some cool printing project and good student work.

Happy Holiday and Happy Printing!

R/CAPT Baker

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