Quick MakerSpace Updates 1/11/20

Mostly in preparation for EM486A and EA486F printing assignments, I made the following quick adjustments to the MakerSpace:

- First, SEADEVIL was momentarily secured due to a planned power outage, but I have restored SEADEVIL. It might go down again tonight, but I will restore it again on Sunday (thanks USNA...)

- I have updated the software version on all printing software which for today was just Ultimaker Cura and Formlabs Preform. This may require you to go through the Ultimaker setup process again. If so, it is best to do this in the MakerSpace. Armstrong remains the host. As a reminder, students should NEVER try to update software.

- I also updated the firmware on Ultimaker printers. This was required due to the new air handler on Ride. To be honest, I am not sure how this air handler functions. I believe that the printer tells the air handler when to turn on and off. Let me know if you see anything unusual on Ride.

Those are all of the major adjustments to the MakerSpace for this weekend as we gear up for a busy week of printing. As far as I know all printers are fully functional.

R/CAPT Baker

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