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MakerBot Black Sunday...

Well the bad news actually started Friday, but I figured Black Friday would sound too much like a good thing even though most of you are too young to remember what Black Sunday really was. Anyway, here is the bad news on MakerBot printers...

First off, the problem is software only. All printers are working fine (except for Fluckey which is being repaired), but the MakerBot print software is completely whacked out.

There is no MakerBot Print software on SEADEVIL meaning you cannot print on any MakerBot through SEADEVIL locally or remotely. This stinks because that is the "normal" way.

The best way to print is using the workstation PC in Ri226 which anyone can log into and use. You should see a MakerBot Print icon on your desktop. I still might have to fix one aspect so if the icon does not work - let me know and I can fix that.

You could also use the workstation PC in Ri225 but that PC has a different version of MakerBot Print (long story why). That version does work but you will have to authenticate into the printers every time.

This is a very short summary of the problem. I literally worked on this all weekend and this is the best I can do. I have been screaming at MakerBot since Friday. Hopefully things will improve soon.

This ONLY applies to MakerBot printers - everything else is working fine. If you are really in a bind, there are other solution but they require more effort - ask if you really need help.

Sorry :(


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