** Important ** Lab Issues

I am hoping I can get this word out using this Blog, but if not, I am going to have to resort to spam email. There are several small issues that we need to improve on in the MakerSpace. Please read and help me with these issues:

- There are several SLA printing issues and I cannot tell what all of the issues are that users are having, but bottom line, SLA print failures are (should be) rare. If you have an SLA print failure, the right answer is not just to restart the print. You need to find out what went wrong and try to correct. See me or Marc if you have questions.

- Still on SLA printing, there are several issues that need to be fixed right away: (1) resin needs to be put back into the lower cabinets when done using (both trays and cartridges), (2) build plates must be cleaned (this can be in the alcohol wash), (3) the alcohol wash needs to be closed when complete (you can very easily smell the alcohol if that is not done and the alcohol will evaporate), and finally (4) users need to understand printer settings - I found a job on the printer that was queued and the resin desired did not match the resin in the printer; I do not understand how this happened.

- Still on SLA printing, the sensing pins for the middle printer have been damaged. I am not blaming anyone for this as the pins are sensitive and we have seen this before but it reminds us of the importance of being gentle when installing the trays. For now the middle printer will be for clear resin (and really on for EME/ENR Capstone teams) so we do not remove the tray.

- For FDM printers (both MakerBot and Ultimaker) you need to "tell" the printer that the build is done after you remove your part. This is done via an on screen prompt. If you do not do this, the next job cannot be started. For now this is not a real problem, but in the Spring - when print demand will go up - this will be a problem.

- Please help on MakerSpace overall cleanliness: put chairs back where you found them, try to keep build plates clean, throw away trash etc. Me and Marc do mulitple daily walkthroughs and we will help keep the lab operational but we need user help to do this.

Keep pushing along and keep learning so please do not take these reminders as discouragement.

Happy Printing!

R/CAPT Baker

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