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Great and busy start to AY23...

Sorry that I have not posted more updates, but it is difficult to keep up with the pace of things that are happening in the MakerSpace. If you want to see just some of the cool and fun stuff we are working on just take a look at our related social media accounts all under the account @makerspaceusna (Twitter and Instagram being the most commonly used). Attached below is a just for fun quick example. Do you recognize them?

As a reminder, if you want to qualify to use the MakerSpace just start by printing the Qualification Card on the front page of the website which has everything you need to get started.

Otherwise, the MakerSpace is functioning quite well. All printers are working great and there are lots of hidden gems to use in the MakerSpace (like the glowforge, vacuum forming, color printing, etc.) Feel free to explore and ask if you have questions.

Final point, if you are inclined please throw me a quick vote for a 2022 Impact Award from Formlabs. You can vote here: . If you do not know which one is me, then you really are behind :)

As always, happy printing!

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