Good News! and only slight bad news...

Isn't it always the case that good news is followed closely by bad news? For once though in this case the good news is really good and almost completely outweighs the bad news. So here goes:

The good news

- MakerBot Print is fixed everyhwere!!!! This is actually a huge accomplishment and we fixed more than just the problems we had this weekend.

- SEADEVIL (local and remote) has working and up to date versions of MakerBot Print as does both of the Workstations in Ri225 and Ri226.

- Even better than that we have fixed the long-standing problems of authentication.

- Bottom line, if you have any problems with Print, you need to let me know soon because I think we have fixed everything.

The bad news (you knew there was some...)

- These fixes come at a price. We had to remove all user profiles meaning that when you log back into SEADEVIL it will be like you were logging in the first time. Any user setting to include simple things like screen resolution (my personal pet peeve), to saved internet searches, to any program settings, and yes, even to files in your documents/downloads/desktop are gone. Sorry that was just the price we had to pay.

But back to good news... all printers seem to be working fine and there are lots of jobs going on right now so there is no excuse for not completing an AM assignment.

Happy Printing!


P.S. - Big BZ and thanks to John Wilcox in CSB for helping/doing this.

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