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AY21 closeout items

The end is near!

But as we get close to the end of the AY is when things seem to get the most busy and when some of our processes start to break down. I want to quickly review some current issues:

- The MakerSpace is busy! We should have the last class demo this Friday so things should start to slow down, but please be mindful of other students and work together.

- Several of the FDM printers are having problems. We know how to fix most of these but it is challenging to keep up with the problems. Please work with MakerSpace staff as we try to keep printers working.

- There has also been some connectivity problems (slow job processing, printers dropping out, etc.) I thought I had addressed these problems over last summer and this is the first time we have experienced this problem this year (it happened a lot last year). I believe I know what the problem is and it is most likely due to users not being careful when moving things around. To be clear students should never move printers, never disconnect any cables, and overall not change the configuration of anything. Please be respectful of the hundreds of hours we have spent setting up the lab. In some cases it is possible to shut down large portions of the lab with a single cable problem.

Other quick comments:

- Some have asked about summer use of the MakerSpace. The MakerSpace is open over the summer but we use the summer to make renovations, upgrades, and work on long term items. Users are welcome to stop by but please realize the lab may not always be fully operational over the Summer.

- I do have 1 unfortunately negative comment to make. One of our best prints ever (the ESWS pin attached below) has disappeared and I believe was broken. I am sure this was accidental and I am not looking for any action - it (and **it) happens. I recently dropped a very rare item that I was going to give to a VIP. So I am not upset that something was lost/broken, what I am concerned about is that no one told me about it. The MakerSpace operates on a trust basis. Most people that I have talked to would not run the lab the way that I do and would not allow the level of access to the lab. I disagree and believe the lab must be open to all students as much as possible - that point is literally in our mission statement, but it does put the MakerSpace at great risk. Please be respectful of the work that many have put into the lab.

Happy printing and I will see many of you in AY22. For those headed out to the Fleet, good luck and hope to see you in the future.

R/CAPT Baker

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