1st week of school is done!

Congrats to all for surviving the first week of AY2020!

In our first official week, we jumped to 14 student members and 9 faculty members which is a good start. My plan is to use this blog and the running slide show in Ri226 as the primary means to pass information to MakerSpace users. Here is my first update:

MakerSpace status

- All printers are operational with the exception of 1 Form2 which is undergoing repair.

- While available for experienced users, the LulzBots are not in their final configuration and are not setup for easy use yet. If you need to print custom material or specifically need a LulzBot, let me or Marc know.

Coming soon...

- The ability to make our own filament with the filabot system (www.filabot.com) is coming soon. We expect to have at least 1 student or student team work on this in Spring AY2020.

- More Formlabs printers (4 total: 2 Form3, 1 Form3L, and Fuse1) are expected to arrive Fall AY2020.

- Keep your eye out for a 3D printing elective class (likely called Drafting and Additive Manufacturing) which we hope to offer again in the Spring AY2020.

Other notes

- High humidity in the MakerSpace makes it advisable to remove PVA from Ultimaker printers when PVA is not needed. PVA exposed to high humidity is likely to fail during printing. (note: this does not apply to MakerBot Method printers)

- MakerBot printers are working well without glue on the build plate. Just monitor your first few layers to make sure you part is adhering well. You can use glue if needed.

Happy Printing!

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