Overview Videos

The best place to start...

In these videos we will review the MakerSpace by answering some of the most common questions about 3D printing.  We will review the who/what/how/why associated with the MakerSpace.

Things will change slightly from the images shown in these videos as we continue to evolve the MakerSpace, but the overall concepts and types of equipment will remain the same.  As we add new equipment and capability we will add or change these videos.

Happy Printing!

MakerSpace Introduction (CDR Brad Baker)

This video reviews the overall arrangement of MakerSpace USNA including answers to the following major questions:

-  Where is the MakerSpace?

-  Who can use the MakerSpace?

-  What can I print?

-  How can I print?

MakerSpace Walkthrough (CDR Brad Baker)

This video reviews the major components of the MakerSpace including printers, SEADEVIL, and post processing capability.

This video also discusses the following major categories of printers:

-  Production printers

-  SLA printers

-  Precision printers

-  Hobbyist printers

Practicing 3D Printing (CDR Brad Baker)

This video is an end  to end discussion of designing a part in CAD software (SolidWorks) and then printing that part on 4 different printers in the MakerSpace

This video directly matches an early project assignment in our Drafting and Additive Manufacturing class.