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Overview Videos

How-To Software Videos

Guided PC videos on how to use the major software applications...

In these videos we will review major software applications used in the MakerSpace for 3D printing.  Most users at USNA will use SolidWorks to make their own parts but there are many CAD solutions available including Inventor, TinkerCAD, and many many others. 


Basically every user will start with some CAD application and eventually produce a STL file (other as possible but STL is our standard) that will then be used in one of several different vendor applications such as MakerBot Print, Formlabs Preform, or Cura to create the file needed to operate the printer.

These videos are guided screen captures hopefully showing you the steps needed to make your own 3D printed parts.

Happy Printing!

Using SEADEVIL (CAPT Brad Baker)