Post-Processing Videos

Almost all 3D printed parts require some amount of post-processing...

The videos on this page are intended to help users of all skill levels become familiar with some of the basics with regard to post-processing of 3D printed parts.  Some of the videos below are very specific to practices and equipment at USNA while other videos can be helpful to any 3D printing student.


Build Plate and Support Removal (2nd Lt Caleb Lucero)

This video shows how to remove parts from printer build plates and how to remove normal (i.e. non-water soluble) supports from parts.


Take care not to damage the build plate when removing parts - do not gouge the build plate!


Supports can be removed by hand or with sand paper, files, or cutters.

Water Soluble Support Removal (2nd Lt Colin Kelly)

This video shows how to remove water soluble PVA supports.


As 2nd Lt Kelly discusses warm (but not very hot) water helps and stirring also helps.  It can take hours for PVA to dissolve on its own so partially removing by hand is very helpful.


PVA is great!  But PVA is more expensive and is EXTREMELY sensitive to humidity so please take care with PVA filament.

Post Processing SLA (2nd Lt Joel Austin)

This video shows how to remove SLA parts from the build plate and how to wash and cure SLA printed parts.


The FormWash is an isopropanol bath and will evaporate quickly (you will also quickly note the smell once the FormWash is open).


20 min wash and 1hr cure are the "normal" settings but you can customize these settings.

3D Welding (2nd Lt Caleb Lucero)

This video shows a creative and effective way to join 3D printed parts.


Remember most 3D printing plastics have low melting temperatures allowing these simple techniques to be effective.


Use your imagination - while also being safe!