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Welcome to MakerSpace USNA

Design, Build, Perform

MakerSpace USNA is a 3D printing laboratory space at the United States Naval Academy providing 3D printing capability for classroom and laboratory instruction as well as project support for students, faculty, and staff at USNA.

MakerSpace USNA is a (1) modern, (2) open, (3) student oriented, and (4) adaptable design space where students can design, build, and evaluate engineering projects within Engineering and Weapons Division at USNA.

All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to make an account on this website and utilize facilities in the MakerSpace.  Guests outside of USNA are also welcome to create an account, provide comments, and participate in our discussion of 3D printing.

Please use the links below or the menu above to join in on the discussion.

Enjoy your visit to MakerSpace USNA!

Wash Out

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I skipped a week 9 update so will just jump right in with the important stuff:

- First and foremost, congrats to MIDN 1/C Ben Leaman for winning the intermediate printer shootout hosted by the USAF (that's right we won a USAF competition - awesome!). You can check out full details here.

- Also congrats to MIDN 1/C Wendy Tao and MIDN 1/C Liam Kane for winning the first Sculptris challenge. You can see their prints here.

- The AM class will be using the 3D scanner over the next few weeks and I have given them some specific guidance on what to do and how to do it. If the scanner is out, please do not do anything with it unless you are part of my class or have been trained on it already. If you want to see what the AM class is doing with reverse engineering, watch our video here.

- I am announcing the next AM coin challenge and it is a Halloween theme. I will give a coin to the best looking printed Halloween themed figure (maybe more than 1 coin depending on the number of entries). The version I plan to print is called 3D_Phil_O_Ween and is remix of Phil-a-ment which is the MatterHackers mascot. You can see the model here and I have already downloaded his STL file here (only accessible for USNA since this is on my google drive). I will make the competition open though to any Halloween themed figure. No real "rules" but please do not make a tremendously large model.

The MakerSpace is working great, my biggest request right now is that you clean up after yourselves and keep the MakerSpace organized.

And if you have not noticed, I am putting a lot more information out on our social media site, mostly twitter, so give us a follow if you want to keep up to speed.

Have a good weekend and Beat Houston!

R/CAPT Baker

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