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Welcome to MakerSpace USNA

Design, Build, Perform

MakerSpace USNA is a 3D printing laboratory space at the United States Naval Academy providing 3D printing capability for classroom and laboratory instruction as well as project support for students, faculty, and staff at USNA.

MakerSpace USNA is a (1) modern, (2) open, (3) student oriented, and (4) adaptable design space where students can design, build, and evaluate engineering projects within Engineering and Weapons Division at USNA.

All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to make an account on this website and utilize facilities in the MakerSpace.  Guests outside of USNA are also welcome to create an account, provide comments, and participate in our discussion of 3D printing.

Please use the links below or the menu above to join in on the discussion.

Enjoy your visit to MakerSpace USNA!

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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Major changes complete in preparation for Fall AY2020. Recent changes include:

- Grand (Re-)Opening complete (see photos). Thanks to Northrop Grumman Mission Systems and the Naval Academy Foundation for making this a reality!

- is now mobile friendly (for the most part).

- LulzBot Mini2 is operational (currently only with SD card).

Please sign up as a member on this website to get information on how to use the MakerSpace and its resources.

Lastly, thanks to 2nd Lt Colin Kelly '19 and other TADs, 2nd Lt Joel Austin, 2nd Lt Caleb Lucero, ENS Chance Davis, ENS Alex Ostrander, and ENS Anne Richter for the fantastic support over the summer. Fair winds and following seas!

Happy Printing.

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