Jun 16

Ultimaker FAQ


Edited: Jul 14


Welcome to the Ultimaker FAQ. Here is a starting list of FAQs:


What are the basics of the Ultimaker S5?

- FDM printer (or FFF), 2.85 mm. Build volume: 13" x 9.4" x 11.8"

- We use Cura for Ultimaker for both build plate management and printing. All Ultimakers connected via ethernet.

- Pros: high quality and very easy to use.

- Cons: not many


Will I have build plate adhesion problems on the S5?

- We have never had a build plate adhesion on an S5. If you have part curling or poor adhesion, let us know.


My part is stuck to the build plate, what do I do?

- We have had this problem and in the worst case, we have shattered a glass build plate trying to remove a PC part.

- Try using 2 spatulas to pry off the part. Work the part off slowly. Some website will report trying reheating the build plate and some website will say try to cool the build plate. Do not cool the build plate without discussing with MakerSpace staff first.


Can I put a filament other than PVA in extruder 2?

- Yes, but do not do this without discussing with MakerSpace staff first.

- The AA extruders (called Print Cores) are meant for non-PVA filament. PVA filament requires a BB Print Core.


When do I need to a calibration? and how do I do one?

- Calibrations are required only when Print Cores are changed and even then we have not seen much difference across Print Cores.

- There is a special calibration sheet that is needed so only MakerSpace staff will conduct calibrations.


My Print Core is clogged, what do I do?

- Try unloading and reloading. If that does not work, replace the Print Core.

- If that does not work, contact MakerSpace staff. We have seen issues where the filament drive motors need adjustment and we know how to fix this.

- PVA filament is definitely more troublesome than other filaments (mostly because it very readily absorbs water from the air).


My print job is stuck in the print queue but I can see that printers are idle, what do I do?

- Your print settings must match an idle printer EXACTLY. For example, even if you have selected RED PLA, but the printer has WHITE PLA, your job will not transfer.

- Yes, you can locally override this, but we do not override interlocks!!! Fix your job.

- There are ways to set the printer to generic material but do not do this either. Let the printer do its job and fully detect the filament spool. Do not defeat this process.


If all printers are being used, can I put a job in the Ultimaker queue?

- Absolutely! and this is encouraged.

- Whenever a job is complete, a user must select on option on the local control panel acknowledging that the build plate is clear. This is what allows the software to process the next job in the queue.


More coming soon...