Jun 16

Formlabs FAQ


Edited: Jul 14


Welcome to the Formlabs FAQ. Here is a starting list of FAQs:


Which SLA resins do we have?

We have all Formlabs resins except for dental resins.


Which resins are "best"?

- We have had no problems with any of the normal color resins and they are recommended for use unless you "need" something else.

- The Flexible resin produces great flexible parts but can be difficult to print with (it is very viscous).

- The GreyPro may be the "best" overall resin.

- The High Temperature resin also prints very well although we have never tested its "high temperature" capability.

- The only resins we do not really like are the Tough resin and Durable resin. We have had problems with parts printed from both.


What are the basics of the Form2?

- SLA printer using liquid resins. Build volume: 5.7" x 5.7" x 6.9"

- Prints from Preform using ethernet,

- Pros: high quality solid parts

- Cons: slower, more expensive


What do I if the cartridge is not sensed?

- Reseating the printing cartridge usually fixes this problem.


What do I do if the resin tank is installed but not detected?

- This does occasionally happen. Try reseating the tray carefully.

- We have had instances where the sensor on the printer gets damaged. We have fixed this in the past.


The tray is not being filled with a new cartridge, what is wrong?

- We normally help the cartridge "nipple" but exercising it on a new cartridge by using a small knife and gently opening the nipple.


What is "open mode"?

- Do not use open mode without permission from MakerSpace staff. We know how to use it but normal users should not use or need it. Open mode disables some needed features but there are some cases where it is needed.


My job is stuck on the first layer, what is wrong?

- The first layer takes a VERY long time to cure. This is normal as the laser cures the first layer to the build plate. Just wait.


The resin trays says it is empty but the cartridge is not, what is wrong?

- The level sensor on the Form2 is not very good. Remove and reinstall the tray and also try cleaning the lower back edge of the Form2 which is close to the left side of the tray. There is a transformer in the Form2 that senses level in the tank by a change in coupling. This is a questionable design feature and has been changed in the Form3 design.


The build plates looks scratched, is that ok?

- The build plate only needs to be clean. Small scratches (but not deep gouges) are fine.


Can you add other things into the resin tank?

- Yes, but do not do this without MakerSpace staff support. We actually know a lot about this....


More coming soon...