Jun 16

Custom Materials FAQ



Welcome to the Custom Materials FAQ. Here is a starting list of FAQs:


What filaments do the MakerBot use?

MakerBot printers all use 1.75 mm plastic filament. In normal situations the MakerBots only use PLA and tough PLA filament, but with the Experimental extruder some additional filaments are possible. The MakerBot can use Polysmooth which is simply a PLA filament that can be post processed. The MakerBot Method printers should only be used on MakerBot precision filaments.


What filaments do the Ultimakers use?

The Ultimakers use 2.85 mm plastic filament. Normally the Ultimakers should use Ultimaker filaments but exceptions can be made. We do have a wide variety of Ultimaker filaments including PLA, ABS, PP, PETG, and others so normally Ultimaker filaments are good enough.


What filaments do the LulzBots use?

The LulzBots use 2.85 mm filament and are specifically designed to use many different types of filaments. The type of material possible is largely dependent on the extruder and nozzle.


More coming soon....