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Formlabs Printers

High quality solid liquid resin printing

Formlabs SLA printers are high quality and relatively easy to use printers that are capable to producing solid production parts.  The primarily limitation is build volume and the printer consumables are more expensive and print time are generally longer than FDM printers.

Although we try avoid vendor specific webistes and promotions, an excellent overall guide to SLA can be found here:

In addition to liquid resin printers, Formlabs will release a SLS nylon powder printer, Fuse1, in late 2019.  We already have one on pre-order!


Formlabs Form2

MakerSpace names:  CloudyMeerkat, DynamicQuail, and NiftyDoge (not our choice, please ask Formlabs to change!)

Printer type:  SLA

Classification: SLA printer

Material:  UV curable liquid polymer resins; we have every version currently made by Formlabs with the exception of their dental resins; other resins could be used

Build volume:  5.7” x 5.7” x 6.9”

Major features: 

  • Prints solid high resolution parts

  • Many types of resins available

  • A little more messy, more expensive, and slower

MakerSpace USNA tips

  • Keep resins stored away from light when not in use.

  • Do not touch the bottom of the resin trays.

  • Verify the resin tray is clean and clear of clumps prior to printing.

  • Overall the SLA printers are an excellent choice for final parts.


MakerSpace USNA tips

  • Larger build volume

  • New low force technique


MakerSpace USNA tips

  • Very large build volume comparable to FDM printers.

  • This will be a game changer!


MakerSpace USNA tips

  • The Fuse1 will add an entirely new capability to MakerSapce USNA expanding both our types of printers and types of materials that can be printed

  • This will also be a game changer!

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