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Mobile 3D Printing Lab at USNA

We will bring the MakerSpace to you...

Equipment_Printer Cart-2

3D Printing cart equipped with a LulzBot TAZ6 FDM printer.

Equipment_Printer Cart-1

3D Printing cart equipped with a MakerBot 5th gen FDM printer.

In addition to offering laboratory sessions for any class in the MakerSpace, we can bring a demo version of FDM printing to any classroom at USNA.

The MakerSpace will offer laboratory instruction on 3D printing to include a specific overview of 3D printing capabilities at USNA.

If you are interested in providing this capability to your classroom, email or any of the MakerSpace staff, or simply stop by the MakerSpace.

Happy Printing!

Watch our How-To Video on MakerMobile

(done by ENS Anne Richter)

How-To: Using MakerMobile

How-To: Using MakerMobile

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