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3Doodler, a 3D printing pen

Simple but effective...

What would happen if you took an FDM extruder and put it in your hand?

Sounds crazy, but it is possible and you would have a 3D printing pen, and it works remarkably well.  The basics steps are simple:

(1)  Set the pen temperature to the correct temperature for the filament (easily found on every roll of filament).  The 3Doodler uses 2.85 mm filament but can use any brand.

(2)   Simply cut and and load in virtually any filament and the pen will extrude the filament for you

In addition to making simple shapes, there are more things that you can do with the 3D pen:

(1)  Easily "write" on other printed parts

(2)  Fill in areas of other printed parts

(3)  You can even use the 3D pen as a simple but effective "welding" tool.  The pen gets hot enough to melt many printed parts and then will extrude filament into the "weld" area.  Sounds crazy, but it works.

Be creative!  Happy Doodling!

Other_3Doodler example-1.JPG

The label plate above was printed on a FDM printer and then the inset portion (the blue) was made using the 3Doodler pen

Watch our How-To Video on 3Doodler

(done by 2nd Lt Caleb Lucero)

How-To: Using 3Doodler Pen

How-To: Using 3Doodler Pen

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