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Help MakerSpaceUSNA Fight COVID-19

We at MakerSpaceUSNA have deliberately scaled down the front entrance to our website to be a very quick no frills webpage for us to discuss our efforts to use Additive Manufacturing to help fight COVID-19 by 3D printing medical supplies or assisting in any way we can.

Please consider contributing to our effort or the efforts of many of our collaborators that we will list below.

We know we cannot solve this problem ourselves, but we believe that if we each provide help in what we are best at, we can collectively make a difference.

Above all else be safe.  Thanks for visting.

-  CAPT Brad Baker

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Center for Material Characterization

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Please Consider Helping our Fellow AM Supporters

Join our Forum on Discussing How to Use AM to Fight COVID-19

Visit the full forum here


the COVID-19 specific page here

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