What material should I use??

There is a very large variety of consumables used for 3D printing.  The type of consumable is largely dependent on the type of 3D printer.

At MakerSpace USNA, consumables are divided into three major categories:

-  Filaments for FDM printers.

-  Resins for SLA printers.

-  Powders for SLS printers

Equipment_Resin Tray-1t.png

Care of consumables....

Taking care of consumables is very important to both the life of the consumable and quality of the final parts made from the conusmable.

In general the most important first practice is to store filaments in a dry moderate temperature environment.  Some filaments are very susceptble to moisture absorption and we have equipment to dry out filaments that were exposed to excessive moisture.  At MakerSpace USNA, filaments are stored in plastic containers with reusable desiccant chambers and humidity monitors.

Resins should be stored in a dry enclosed area not subject to UV light.  Normally we use lockers for this purpose but resins ad resin trays may be left in SLA printer for short periods between printing.

Equipment_Filament Storage.jpg

Rechargeable desiccant

Temp/Humidity sensor