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About MakerSpaceUSNA...

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Center for Material Characterization

MakerSpace USNA is maintained by the Center for Material Characterization (CMC) in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the United States Naval Academy.

Since 2013 military and civilian faculty within the CMC have worked on numerous materials projects relevant to the US Navy and DoD.

In recent years, the CMC has made dedicated efforts to improve Additive Manufacturing education efforts at USNA by incorporating open, modern, and flexible design facilities that support both the education of students and the warfighter.

Enjoy your visit to MakerSpace USNA!

For more on USNA's CMC see here:

To see our Roadmap for the future see here:

CAPT Brad Baker

MakerSpace Lab Director

CAPT Brad Baker is a graduate of USNA class of 1994.  After 16 years of service in the submarine force, CAPT Baker was selected as a Permanent Military Professor (PMP).  CAPT Baker has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has taught at USNA since 2013.

CAPT Baker manages Materials laboratories within the Technical Support Department at USNA and created MakerSpace USNA in 2014 starting with two MakerBot Replicator printers and has expanded to over 20 printers since that time.

CAPT Baker’s main reason for maintaining the MakerSpace is to have place for students to design, build, and perform!


MakerSpace USNA is very thankful to the support and assistance from a wide variety of sponsors in the Navy, DOD, and other industry locations.

USNA is both an educational and governmental institution that enjoys productive collaborations with outside agencies that support USNA's education of future Naval and Marine Corps Officers and leaders while also accomplishing modern and relevant scientific research for the AM community.

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